Why does my dye pH reader not work with MANTIS™?

- The design of our pH buffer makes colorimetric pH testing difficult. We recommend a digital calibrated pH meter (potentiometric pH testing) for more accurate results.


Does MANTIS™ work with organic substates?

- MANTIS™ works great with organic substrates. Because the substrate is also a source of nutrients we suggest you only use MANTIS™ once or twice a week.


Why does MANTIS™ not pair well with reverse osmosis (RO) water?

- RO water can have unstable polarity after the ions have been stripped away. Our buffer tries to fix this issue first before controlling the pH of our nutrient solution, making the final pH for your plants less than desirable.


Can I use other products with MANTIS™?

- You can but you don’t need to. We designed MANTIS™ Buffered Nutrients to be the complete package for growing premium quality cannabis.


Can you use more than recommended dosage?

- Again, you can but you don’t need to. MANTIS™ is made to be used at 5 mL per L of water throughout the entire life cycle to allow for optimal uptake at important stages of plant development.


Do I change the ratio of MANTIS™ at any point?

- See above :)


Why do I need to shake it?

- Our super concentrated formulation needs to be shaken well to be fully re-suspended before use to make sure you get the same amounts of components each time you apply. 


Why is it okay to not flush?

- We keep the concentration relatively low at 5 mL per L of water throughout the plant’s life cycle. This prevents salt build ups that traditionally require flushing. 


Can I pre-mix my water and MANTIS™?

- Absolutely! We recommend that you keep the solution agitated to insure that all components are equally distributed, keeping the pH and nutrient rate as designed. 


Do I need to add Cal Mag to MANTIS™ when growing in coco?

- You can add other products when using MANTIS™ but we don’t recommend it. MANTIS™ is made to be all you need. Simplicity realized :)